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City Clerk/Treasurer Kristin Stone 320-283-5411
Mayor Dan Sutton 320-283-5411
Council Person Virgil Coziahr 320-283-5411
Council Person Lisa Anderson 320-283-5411
Council Person Shelley Svec 320-283-5411
Troy Drewes Water/Wastewater Supervisor 320-283-5411
Ken Weisel Fire Chief 320-283-5411
Kyle Nichtern Assistant Chief 320-283-5411
Kevin Kluver Fire Department Secretary 320-283-5411
Dennis Tolifson 1st Responder President 320-283-5411
Dan Sutton 1st Responder Vice President 320-283-5411
Greg Tolifson 1st Responder Secretary 320-283-5411
Josh Owen Chief of Police 320-283-5411

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